Všetko prebehlo rýchlo a tak ako má. Spokojnosť a odporúčam
2020. 02. 22.
Dobrá práca . Objednávka cez eshop , rýchle doručenie, veľká spokojnosť. Silno odporúčam
Peter Rybansky
2020. 02. 19.
Great Experience! I tried to get these shoes from another company/website. They advertised exactly what I was looking for, I paid for it and never got it. 2 months later it showed up and it wasn’t even close to what they advertised that I paid for. I was extremely upset ! I then found the same shoe I was looking for again here from Shooos and they sent it to me the next day ! I was extremely satisfied with their customer service and the fact that they sent me exactly what they advertised ! Thank you Shooos for satisfying this customer that was extremely unsatisfied with another company !!
Shellie Martin
2020. 02. 15.
Hátizsákot rendeltem, azonnal jöttek az értesítések, a 3 nap a kezemben volt a csomag.
Róbert Filep
2020. 02. 12.
Erstklassige zügige Abwicklung! Danke
2020. 02. 06.
My parka was delivered very fast as promised. The price was great so I was a little skeptical that it wasn't a knock-off. Material and workmanship is good. The only bad thing is the zipper pull is on the wrong side of the jacket as a women's jacket would be. Is this how it is made for Europeans?
Jeff Chow
2020. 02. 05.
Fast delivery, quick answer to questions.
2020. 01. 30.
Veľká spokojnosť, už viem kde budem odteraz nakupovať tenisky :) Rýchle dodanie, podrobná informovanosť o stave objednávky, dobré ceny a kvalitný tovar. Fakt super!
Veronika Lovásová
2020. 01. 30.
There was a mistake with my order - the wrong shoes were in the box that I received. Shooos handled the error quickly and with a great deal of courtesy. I was so impressed with their customer service. Highly recommend buying from this company.
Abigale Ray
2020. 01. 29.
Ordered a pair of Adidas NMD SC1 Red Shock, which was exceptionally hard to find elsewhere in Europe and they arrived in 3 days. Happy with the purchase!
Broko Fankone
2020. 01. 28.
Incredibly fast shipping. Excellent quality.
Glara Dorgan
2020. 01. 24.
Very pleased. It's rather difficult to find a brown pair of sneakers in Australia I can verify these guys are legit and the express postage is very quick.
Lewis Jones
2020. 01. 24.